Our Story

Hi, I’m Tia Bryn, owner and caregiver of Grandpawpaw Animal Care. Growing up in a small town catching lightning bugs and crickets as a child are my earliest memories of being fascinated with the creatures of the world. Soon after those summer nights I began to realize my love for all animals. Rescuing cats and dogs from the street became my favorite pastime. I would sneak animals home by stuffing them down my shirt or hiding them in my basement hoping not to get caught by my parents. Little did I know that love affair would turn into my passion for caring for animals today. Throughout my life I have cared for many critters from dogs, cats, bunnies and birds to guinea pigs, hamsters and reptiles.

Currently I am a volunteer at NKLA (No Kill Los Angeles) pet adoption center and Best Friend Animal Society. I am also certified in pet CPR + First Aid by Pet Tech the most highly regarded course in the industry and recommended by many different professional industry organizations.

Insured and bonded by Pet Sitters Associates.